#5 –Lots of places to see in the USA before we die

3 thoughts on “#5 –Lots of places to see in the USA before we die”

  1. Wow, that really is an impressing list! it encourages me to do even more travelling in your beautiful country, cause that is indeed what it is. You live in a beautiful and underestimated country, at least that is what I experience, being from Europe. Us Europeans most of the time either don’t get to visit at all, or only visit the so called highlights and that brings us no further than NY city, the Florida coast or California, exploring the Theme Parks. I don’t think that all is not worth visiting but there is so much more, and your list is living proof! Personally I have been lucky enough to make it to your country quite often, have been making road trips for 26 years now both with my wife, on my own and with the family and today I can say I have visited 49 States (only Alaska missing) and have been at numerous of the places that are in your list, however, reading it inspires me. Next week I will be picking up the old Road King for yet another week’s trip. Thank you for the inspiring blog!!


    1. Paul, your love for traveling the US also inspires us! We are always amazed at how many places you have been in the US. Will you be in Nashville? We will be there 5/21-23. Would be great to see you!


      1. Hi, nice to hear from you! yes as a matter of fact, as you might remember, my bike is parked in Cookeville, just an hour away from Nashville. I’ll pick it up next Friday night, ride it until Friday 20th and my return flight is Saturday 21st. departing a little after 4PM from Nashville. depending on your arrival time we could meet briefly?


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