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    1. Nice try Frank….Chet says if I’m going to bake cookies, I better do it for him first! Then he told me to send you directions to Cub Foods, lol! We’ll be thinking about you guys next weekend. Have fun!


  1. Enjoy. I wish I was as old as you so I could do something like that. :-). You need to take ELMO…it will take on a whole new meaning.


    1. Great idea! May just have to tuck one in on the bike. I’ve picked up some with magnetic hands and feet…it’s hilarious the positions I find ELMO in when we come back from breaks. He’s been hanging from the lights, the projection screen, by his feet on the edge of a table and more. I’ve been collecting pictures of him over the last several years….may have to see about writing a book about it someday, lol!

      As for how “old” I am…that’s a result of marrying well, investing well and sticking to our plan! 😉


  2. Wait. A. Minute. 25 years ? I remember driving to Cloudcroft in our van. Greg driving. Me driving him crazy with tidbits from AAA tour books. A wedding dress draped over the back seats.


    1. I know…it seems just like yesterday! Was really hoping to see you and Joe with your new rigs. Let us know your route for the Route 66 trip…maybe we’ll cross paths.


      1. June 8 Chicago to Springfield, IL I 55 or close to it
        June 9 Springfield to St Louis
        June 10 St Louis to Springfield, MO I 44 or close to it
        June 11 Springfield to Miami, OK
        June 12 Miami to OKC
        June 13 OKC to Elk City
        June 14 Elk City to Santa Rosa
        June 15 Santa Rosa to Gallup I 40 or close to it
        June 16 Gallup to Flagstaff
        June 17 Flagstaff to Kingman
        June 18 Kingman to Ontario, CA
        June 19 Ontario to Santa Monica I 10

        We mostly stick to back roads that are as close to the original 66 as possible and stopping at old gas stations, museums, diners, etc along the way. Sorry we missed you. Ride Safe !!

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  3. I read about your adventure on some geocaching posts. Best wishes to you both as you travel this great country, Chet and Marj!


    1. We are having fun seeing all the variety in geocaches as we find one in each state. You’ll have to check out today’s post. We picked up a geocache in Maine and met the lady who owns it. Had a great conversation with her…it’s really neat how geocaching can be an ice-breaker to meet new people. You’ll have to watch for where we place our Iowa poker chip!


  4. HEY COUSIN YOU LOOK MORE LIKE GRANDMA J. Sorry you were not able to get there this year. Have been following you every day. Sounds like you have some had special good eats. Cousin Nadine


  5. Congratulations on your trip and making it home safely. It was fun following your adventure and it sounded like you had a wonderful time. You even made the water leak part of the adventure. We were in Pinetop staying at the Worldmark just down the road from Darbi’s when you went through, but we found out about it to late to try and make contact.


    1. That would have been cool. We were on a mission that last day to stay ahead of the rain AND heat. As it was, we caught a little rain going through the mountains and it was a hot ride across NM. Maybe we’ll catch up with you another time.


  6. Hi. The two Spyder RT’s and trailer parked next to ours at the Ocean Shores Best Western Hotel on July 26 and 27 belong to my wife and me. We were on our annual Coast ride. I remember your Spyder because my wife mention that it matched hers. Anyway I am truly sorry that we missed you. We love talking with fellow Spyder riders. You left the hotel the morning of July 27. We left several hours later and traveled down 101 for several days before cutting across the state. Who knows, maybe if we (wife and I) had our act together we could of rode with you for several days. thanks-lew

    P.S. I just ran across you trading card yesterday and found your web site. So please forgive me for this late post. thanks-lew


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